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Hi. I am Gary Direnfeld, developer of the I Promise Program - teen safe driving initiative. I developed it when our own son came of driving age. It was  strictly a labor of love. Our son is now safely through his teens. I keep the program running in the hope of helping other families. 


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Has your teenager made the safe driving promise yet?


The heart of the I Promise Program is the Parent-Youth Safe Driving Contract - developed with the input of teens, parents, police, traffic safety experts and researchers.


Each day teenagers die in car crashes. However, many parents feel they "trust" their teen and so, do not need to complete a safe driving contract. The issue isn't trust though, the issue is safety.


Please look at today's news stories of teen car crashes. 


Now please consider the Parent-Youth Safe Driving Contract.


Limo service for teens? Use this contract.

I Promise Program - Teen Safe Driving Initiative