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Likely the most comprehensive safe driving contract available.


The Parent-Youth Safe Driving Contract is a 9-page document, covering risk issues, expectations and responsibilities for the safe use of the car. It was developed with input from police, driving instructors, insurance executives, stakeholders in traffic safety, parents and youths. The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation provided a $100,00.00 grant that enabled the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario to also help develop this remarkable contract. 


The contract also includes instructions on what to do in case of
collision as recommended by police and driving instructors and a form to document incidents, should they occur. These can be kept in the car in case of emergency. Giving your child this contract is giving them a high sense of responsibility that is required if they are to drive on the road. 


Parents say the contract helps them discuss issues they might miss and because it comes from the I Promise Program, they feel their young drivers take the material more seriously than when they try to have the same discussion on their own.


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Parent-Youth Safe Driving Contract


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